Tuesday, 14 December 2010 11:24

Boating in Boston

The aptly-named Boating in Boston provides boating services, lessons and camps throughout the greater Boston region with five different bodies of water featured in the program.

When owner Michael Aghajanian contact us, the site had been in operation for some time, based around an existing Joomla! install. While the page was serviceable, it didn't have the flare that was needed to convey the fun and exciting nature of the business.

Injecting character into the site also made this one of our most enjoyable projects to date.

Our first goal was to re-structure the site's content, focusing on the core areas of business. We defined the layout based on a prominent set of menus, each set with a visual style designed to differentiate it from the others and provide a strong visual hierarchy.

Arresting visuals were also required. Boating is a majestic, thrilling pursuit and we wanted the site's visitors to be able to capture the beauty and spirit of the sport.

Crafting the appropriate message was considered of paramount importance. On our recommendation, Belinda from Copywrite Matters was engaged to produce the text for the site, crafting text that was always clear, always interesting and with a flare unmatched on any similar site!

It's usually the case that only the front page content is highly structured, with content pages normally left to the site owner to populate using pre-set styles. In this case almost every page on the site was carefully laid out to properly structure the information within. In fact, each of the location pages is designed to be able to act as a landing page, with individual contact information and maps.

Such an image-rich site can prove problematic when it comes to load times, so we've undertaken strong speed optimisation of the site.

All in all a tremendously fun job and one we're particularly proud of!

Additional Info

  • Client: Boating in Boston
  • Website: http://boatinginboston.com
  • Technology: Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, CSS, Joomla!
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