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  • Client Ambient Living
  • Website http://www.ambientliving.com.au
  • Technology Joomla! HTML CSS Photoshop Illustrator

Ambient Living is the brainchild of Tish Pagano, a boutique online giftware store that caters to those who love fine things.

Unlike many other online stores, Ambient Living's products are hand-picked by Tish and carefully chosen for their aesthetic properties. It's an approach rarely seen in the pack-em and stack-em world of ecommerce and as a result the product range is unique, compelling and uniformly beautiful.

As such, it was extremely important for us to craft an image that fit the sensibilities of the site's potential visitors.

thinksync definitely oozes with passion for what they do, which is evident in every piece of work they produce. Their ability to create and design a concept from my ideas is outstanding. They genuinely listened to me and were quick to respond in great detail. thinksync proved to be extremely professional, reliable and fantastic solution providers. I would certainly recommend their services to others wanting a team who goes beyond the call of duty for website development. Tish - Ambient Living

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  • Client Digital Content Networks
  • Website http://creativemastersforum.com
  • Technology Joomla! HTML CSS Photoshop Illustrator K2

A part of Digital Content Networks, the Creative Masters Forum is a community site with a difference. Focusing on the absolute masters of their craft, the CMF runs regular articles on significant contributors to the creative fields; film, photograph, music and art.

A main point of difference from similar types of sites, the CMF also branches out into real-world events, creating opportunities for creative workers to get first-hand exposure to the visionaries in their field.

To drive engagement, single-sign-on for commenting is encouraged, through the use of the Disqus commenting engine. This allows users with FaceBook, Twitter or OpenID logins to use those to participate in group conversations without having to create yet another login.

The site is built using Joomla and the massively powerful K2 content construction kit, allowing us to present content in a variety of ways - driving home the central focus of creativity for the site. It also allowed us to build one-off microsites to promote events that still tie into the core of the site.

Creative Masters Forum is part of the DCN network, TV Production Forum and Music Producers Forum