Additional Info

  • Client CCEntertainment
  • Website http://ccent.com.au
  • Technology Joomla! HTML CSS Photoshop Illustrator K2

CCEntertainment needed a platform to publish upcoming show information, show galleries and engage with their growing legion of fans.

To that end, we created their online presence, building a site that has a unique visual appeal, bold, sophisticated and loud - just like the band!

Each show season, the front page is dominated by a ticketing page which provides an immediate call-to-action for current fans (and fans-to-be!) to purchase tickets, provide show information, testimonials and seating details. This page is schedule to appear at the top of the page until the day after the final show, at which point it begins to slip below newer posts. Each show page is heavily customised to reflect the style of the show itself.

Additionally we built an advanced polling plugin that allowed us to run opt-in promotions on the site, featuring the hefty prize-packs that CCE acquire from their sponsors. The polling plugin drives customer acquisition and retention, allowing members to further engage with CCE.

Ad-hoc galleries can be created on the fly within articles, which is a vital consideration for such a visual group, featuring the work of Russel Cherry, Jomar Reyes, Stuart Harris and more.

The site also features Twitter integration and promotes their other social media marketing endeavours on YouTube and Facebook.

Additional Info

  • Client Panalysis
  • Website Available only to govt
  • Technology HTML CSS Photoshop

When Panalysis released their Web Analytics in Government Report, it was decided that a dedicated microsite was needed to drive sales.

Focusing squarely on a call-to-action, the microsite was dedicated to providing compelling reasons for government agencies to purchase a copy of the report.

As such we sourced anĀ appropriateĀ hero shot from a Flickr pool and sought permission from the photographer for its use. The hero shot clearly demonstrates the microsite's governmental focus.

To make it as simple as possible we structured the text in an easy-to-read and compelling style, while providing simple, brightly-coloured buttons for immediate conversions.

Further, the Panalysis contact details were prominently located, allowing all relevant information for potential purchasers to be available above the fold.