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  • Client MacTheMag
  • Website http://mactheblog.com
  • Technology Joomla! HTML CSS Photoshop Illustrator K2

MacTheMag is a network of sites managed by celebrity ex-MacWorld editor Matthew JC Powell.

Incorporating MacTheMag, MacTheBlog, MacTheForum, MacTheNews, MacThePodcast and MacTheReviews, we were asked to produce a series of sites that met the need of each specific endeavour.

The resulting network incorporates a fully-featured reviews system that allows users to add their own reviews to the officially produced articles a podcast that allows for both direct and iTunes streaming of regular shows and an RSS-fed main page allowing users to immediately access all the latest content in one place.

Additionally, the sites are progressing towards a single-sign-on system that integrates with the vBullettin backend of MacTheForum.

Additional Info

  • Client Sustainergy
  • Website http://sustainergy.com.au
  • Technology Joomla! HTML CSS Photoshop Illustrator K2

Sustainergy are an electrical engineering recruitment company with ties to the largest industrial firms in the country.

Owner Ray Pavri has an excellent understanding of the potential for doing business online and created the Sustainergy site to function as more than just an information resource.

The site is structured to provide carefully targeted content to the various demographics of users that vist the site.

To that end, we used an online document management system to provide order to all downloadable content. It also allowed us to create a hierarchy of information access - only those with the right permissions get access to the documentation.

We also built an interactive mentoring system, with recruits able to connect with industry mentors to aid in their professional development.

Sustainergy uses the blogging platform provided to publish the results of their regular research projects and through this have become an active voice in the Electrical Engineering industry.