Additional Info

  • Client CC Entertainment
  • Technology Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Our final work in the Classic Rock Concert poster series, 'A Day In The Life' was both a departure from the style we'd established while staying true to the intention of the series.

CCE wanted something a little different from this poster. The 'A Day In The Life' album has several references to newspaper stories and is at least partly inspired by the death of a friend of Lennon's, reported in the Daily Mail.

We were commissioned to produce a 60's era newspaper poster.

After researching various examples of British newspapers from various eras, we realised that until recently, newspapers were a mess!

Wild varieties of fonts, dramatic changes in line heights and little care given to kerning or structure. Furthermore, until the late 70's it was rare for images to dominate the front page.

Needing to give the feel of a 60's paper, while providing real structure meant creating a composite of styles, blending modern design structure with a messy, natural style of typography.

We included easter eggs in the form of 'stories' taken from Beatles lyrics and placed the entire design on a newly created aged paper (complete with coffee stains!).

Additional Info

  • Client Fashionably Yours
  • Website http://www.fashionably-yours.com.au
  • Technology HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Gate13

Fashionably Yours approached us to redesign their online store with an eye for flair and modern professional design.

With the Spring Carnival season looming, it was also a vital consideration to have an extremely fast turnaround, only two weeks from starting work to going live.

If there's one thing we love, it's being able to deliver on time. We said we'd have the site up by the end of August: the site went live on the 31st with enough time to write up the case study.

If there's a problem with this site, it's that the ecommerce platform actively defeats SEO and is extremely inflexible. Not to mention the awful table-based coding that harks back to the bad old days of 1990s design.

Check out the before and after shots after the jump.