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  • Client: CC Entertainment
  • Technology: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Great Gig In The Sky

    Our first work for CC Entertainment.

    CCE approached us wanting a new look for their tribute show promotional materials. 'Epic' is the only word to describe the performance that CCE puts on. Not content to simply ape the sound of the bands they tribute, CCE attract the finest A-list vocalists in Australia backed by one of the most incredible instrumental ensembles seen in this country. Their shows pay homage to the originals, they make them their own while producing a tribute that's as close as you could get to the spirit of the original.

    In that vein, we wanted to create a set of posters for each show that would be instantly identifiable as part of a set while simultaneously giving the impression of a poster you'd had on your wall since the 70's.

    To that end, we created a poster series, of which this is the first.

    Taking iconic imagery associated with Pink Floyd, we re-created the prism from scratch, created an aged paper texture and incorporated a dynamic shot of the lead guitarist, Joseph Calderazzo. We also used fonts designed to be reminiscent of that used on 'The Wall' album.

    The end result was used in posters, standees and postcards.

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