Monday, 21 June 2010 09:49


Hazeldene Yarra Valley is a Victorian retreat like no other.

Catering to up to 16 guests per night, groups book the entire lavish premises, relaxing in one of the Yarra Valley's most gorgeous and serene locations.

For their online presence, it was necessary to convey the beauty and majesty of this property immediately that a vistor enters the site.

To that end, we applied our internal process of defining the emotional and informational attractors of the site, creating a call to action that appeals to anyone with a love of fine living while allowing pertinent information to be easily found.

We defined evocative terms to be used consistently throughout the navigation to add to the emotional attraction of the content and ensured that even the pricing tables were presented in an unusual and polished display.

The end result, due to be launched in July 2010 is a visual feast that compels the user to discover more.

Additional Info

  • Client: Hazeldene Yarra Valley
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  • Technology: Joomla! HTML CSS Photoshop Illustrator