Monday, 21 June 2010 10:30

MirrorBall Express

One of our first online projects for CCE was to create a microsite to promote their corporate music performance group, MirrorBall Express.

The brief was to create a single page that provided pertinent information about the band, a small image gallery, a video promotion, testimonials, contact details and social integration.

We delivered all of this and ensure that for most users, all content also fell above the fold.

As a static site, there was no need for our usual content managed solution, so the project was able to come together quite quickly.

Using Web 2.0 javascript techniques, we created a stunning 'lightbox' style gallery and a testimonials section that cross-fades through the glowing recommendations.

Determining the correct video host was also important. Rather than use the more plebeian YouTube, we streamed the corporate video through Viddler. This allowed us to use an attractive player while offloading the immense hosting costs of using video on a website.

Please note, thinksync did not develop the MirrorBall Express logo.

Additional Info

  • Client: CCEntertainment
  • Website:
  • Technology: HTML CSS Javascript Photoshop
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