Wednesday, 01 September 2010 12:10

Caught out by a rogue facebook app?

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This week nearly 20,000 Facebook users were duped into 'liking' a rogue fanpage called 'The argument that disproves atheism'.

Like many other users, I clicked on the link that appeared in my newsfeed, mainly due to curiosity at what had come over my friend to post such a link.

A sizeable group of us were caught out, suddenly and inexplicably 'liking' a fanpage without the usual button-clicking. Just clicking a normal looking link seemed to be enough, which has scary implications for Facebook's 'social graph', if it can be gamed so easily.

Fortunately, while people might have difficulty removing the notification of the 'like', it's simple enough to remove the application from your profile altogether.


  1. Step 1: edit your profile

    Edit your profile
  2. Step 2: view your list of likes

    Likes and interests
  3. Step 3: Show more pages (liked pages, rather than those added via your profile)

    Show more likes
  4. Step 4: Remove the offending page

    Remove pages

That's it! Your profile will no longer be linked with the fanpage or app!

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