Web design

When Panalysis released their Web Analytics in Government Report, it was decided that a dedicated microsite was needed to drive sales.

Focusing squarely on a call-to-action, the microsite was dedicated to providing compelling reasons for government agencies to purchase a copy of the report.

As such we sourced anĀ appropriateĀ hero shot from a Flickr pool and sought permission from the photographer for its use. The hero shot clearly demonstrates the microsite's governmental focus.

To make it as simple as possible we structured the text in an easy-to-read and compelling style, while providing simple, brightly-coloured buttons for immediate conversions.

Further, the Panalysis contact details were prominently located, allowing all relevant information for potential purchasers to be available above the fold.

Additional Info

  • Client Panalysis
  • Website Available only to govt
  • Technology HTML CSS Photoshop

MacTheMag is a network of sites managed by celebrity ex-MacWorld editor Matthew JC Powell.

Incorporating MacTheMag, MacTheBlog, MacTheForum, MacTheNews, MacThePodcast and MacTheReviews, we were asked to produce a series of sites that met the need of each specific endeavour.

The resulting network incorporates a fully-featured reviews system that allows users to add their own reviews to the officially produced articles a podcast that allows for both direct and iTunes streaming of regular shows and an RSS-fed main page allowing users to immediately access all the latest content in one place.

Additionally, the sites are progressing towards a single-sign-on system that integrates with the vBullettin backend of MacTheForum.

Additional Info

  • Client MacTheMag
  • Website http://mactheblog.com
  • Technology Joomla! HTML CSS Photoshop Illustrator K2